Scientific Thinking for Irrational Minds

Do people like you?

Are you sure?

We show you how people think. Giving you a view inside the minds of your audiences.

This understanding can make you or break you as a business.

We scientifically develop how you articulate offerings to your audiences; and create and adapt interventions that measurably change behaviour.

A Rare Combination

We are an unusual combination of skills - reflecting the diverse backgrounds of our principals.

A Behavioural Scientist

& lecturer with a decade of experience applying that scientific approach for organisations all around the world.

A Communications Strategist

with 25 years working across data, digital, creative and media, turning audience insights into competitive strategies.

A Commercial Marketer

experienced on both client and agency sides, with a brutal focus on delivering commercial effectiveness across sectors, segments and channels.

Measurably Changing Behaviour

Capuchin combines data analytics, strategic communications and commercial application, applied through the lens of behavioural science.

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